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I pitch for the Chi. White Sox and in the winters I go back to Terre Haute which is wear I am from.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

We Win Game 1

Well Al you have probly heard by now we won game 1 of the Serious it was never much in doubt. The Houston club started a pitcher Roger Clemens he was once pretty good but looked a little peaked to me and mean while we got a home run from German Die and the usual home run from Joe Creed and several other scores brought on by our mad scampering which was a delite to be hold. For pitching we had Contrary let me tell you his story Al. Contrary is a Cubano American who once swum to Tampa so he could pitch for the Yankees but Mr Steinburner used him about twice and cast him onto the midden heap. Now he pitches for the Sox and though he is aprox 77 yrs old he can throw a complete game like you or me could pull on our boxers. 1 character who did not pitch in game 1 though is your freind Jack Keefe I did call Ozzie Guillen in the middle innings to suggest my name but Ozzie Guillen said Keefe I can not talk now I have the Fox network people on Line Two.


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