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I pitch for the Chi. White Sox and in the winters I go back to Terre Haute which is wear I am from.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

We Did Win Game 2

Al guess what we did win game 2 on the plane here to Tex. I sat next to Potsetting and he told me he hit a home run in the 9th Was it a ground ball to the track I said No a home run like anyone else over the fence Did a little kid reach out with a fish net and haul it in I said but Potsetting got miffed and would not talk to me. I wish I could have seen that home run but I had my parker up over my head trying to stay dry Tim Reigns he is our base coach said boys savor these moments as they pass you do not know how quickly they become mere memories and I said Coach no worries I remember nothing what soever.


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