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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Here We Are in Texas Al

Hey Al people are starting to write comments on my blog 1 nice gentleman left something about Paranormal Mesopotamia and if you click it you see free ads for music that was sweet of him though Chris Widget our catcher says that it is only a robot still I am happy if even a robot talks to me Al. We are here in Texas getting ready for Game Three this Houston is a nice burg Al they have palm trees which I did not know they had that other place we play in Texas against the Fort Worth Rangers of Anytown has no palm trees it is a waist land Al. Ozzie Guillen says we must not relax in this pairadice we must play like it was thirty eight degrees with the wind hauling down out of frosty Waukegan but I say a little baking for the old soup bone never hurt Al.


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