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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

We Win Game Three Without Keefe

Al we are leading the World Serious three games to none no thanks to yours truly last night the game was 14 innings and we used 19 pitchers and none of them was Keefe. Cotts pitched and Jinks and Polite and Dustin Hoffman and Mr. Bloom pitched 2 innings & hit a home run and at 1 point we borrowed the Houston short stop Biscayneo and he pitched an inning but no where in the box score do you find the name Keefe. I had a little chin wag with Ozzie Guillen about this after the game and he ex plained my roll in games like that. Keefe said Ozzie Guillen what would of happened if we had gone 114 innings and I had used Contrary Burly and Freddy Garcia for complete games and we had got 40 innings out of Rowland Office throwing a knuckle ball then if I have no pitcher I am stuck it would be like the all star game where Bud Selugh called it a dead heat. You Keefe are my Rocco Gibraltar without you I am staring into the vast Abyss. This made me feel a whole lot better also when Mr Williams stopt by and said I still get my full share even if I do not pitch tonight so I guess I will go to the mall this morning and see if some of these guys in cowboy hats recognize me I will wear my White Sox jacket Al for luck.


Blogger xian said...

Thanks! This was one of the best Keefe write-ups!

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