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Friday, October 02, 2009

Ted Williams Head is in Trouble

Well Al now they are all up set because some kids at a deep freeze lab took the head of Teddy Ballgame and smasht it on a tuna can and sent little splendid Splinters of his brain pan all around the room. This goes to show you Al you must make carefull plans for your Earthy Remains. I myself have sined up to be shot into space on the Voyager star ship but not all of us Sox see things that way. A.J. Pierogi wants to chained to six dirt bikes facing difrent directions and mismembered and then fed to Coyotes. German Die wants to be tipped into a Glacier and found again 40 Thousand Years later in his Sox Uni. Scott Poinsettia says he does not want to die at all he just wants to run around the bases faster and faster till he turns into Butter. Mark Burly wants to go where ever Jimmy Hoffa went. Ozzie Guillen says he would like a traditional Vennasylvanian departure where they chop you with machetes set you on fire launch you from a cannon and then seal you in concrete and then no 1 will play footsie with his severaled head. Paul Conoco says he just wants to be traded to Kansas City.


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