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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Kid Can Not Pitch Al

Well Al now they are all up set because there is this nine Year Old who throws at 40 MPH and no 1 can see his pitches and he is not aloud to play because he is too good this is Communism Al. When I was nine years young in the Yippie Frozen Dessert League in Terre Haute In. you recall I could throw low 70s of course I was a Major League Prospickt all a long. But there was this lady Elma Mae Spassverderber who said all kids in the Yippie Frozen Dessert League must throw 15 miles an hour so that the batters could get an even chance to hit and all the batters must hit .250 and all games must end in a tie and all kids get as much frozen dessert as each Other afterwards. This is when I started to read I'm Rand and I read Atlas Shrugged and in that book it says roughly that if a man who can throw 70 miles an hour but is the Envy of his Niebuhrhood so they force him to lob it over at 15 he will be warped and lose the steely manly edge that makes us a little less than Gods and his soul will Ache and so I started in Legion Ball when I was ten and the rest is His Story Al.


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