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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Two's On For Sure

Al I am in Two's On at Spring Traneing and today I played Soft Toss with my old pal A. J. Pierogi it is a game where the name says it all you just toss the old horse hide softly only A.J. likes to shy every 3rd one at your cup and you have to react quickly Al. Now our new OF Nick Swishy is a Internet surfer and he says when you blog you have to put in a link to some thing in the news well today I read that the Boston Patriots have gave all their shirts and caps that say 19-0 Super Bowl LXIX Champions to some kids in Knickeragua that have no shirts and caps. Now this gives me an idea because you know Al I did not think we could lose the World Serious in Ought Six and so I had five K of bandannas made up that said Chisox World Champs and last year I thought I would hedge my bets and I just had a thousand Pogs prinned that said Chisox Central Division Third Place Winners and I could not sell nary a 1. But now Nick says I can give them away to kids in the 3rd World and write them off my Ten Forty what a break Al plus I will not have to check an extra bag on my way back to Chi. once we are done Traneing.


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