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Friday, February 15, 2008

Still in O'hair

Well Al I am still on the Tar Mack but we get daley updates of what occurs in the out side world via CBS Eye on American. Now they are all up set because Roger Clemens says that Andy Petty is a misrememberer or in plane English a lying sack of Doo. But there is a Congersman who says that Andy Petty is a hero and people do not know which weigh is up. Petty says that McAfee has injested him with Stereos and Human Girth Whoremoan and injested Roger Clemens while he was at it and McAfee says likewise he's sure and Roger Clemens says that they couldn't spit out the truth if it was a wad of Juicy Fruit now all I can say is I half never seen Stereos in the club house and Ozzie Guillen would not allough it and some say our 1B Jim Tumi has stuck stereos in his Keister but if you knew Tumi you know that even when he eats a Salad he washes every leaf three times in Dassanny water he will not take in a im pure thing Al.


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