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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Playing in the Reign

Well Al you saw yester day if you were watching E-Span that we plaid a morning game in Cleveland in the pouring rain which is about as much fun as washing a whippet that has crawled through a sewer pipe. We lost the game 10-1 or something and because it was a morning game after a nite game Ozzie Guillen let Burly throw about 179 pitches because Burly loves the rain so much he is a mudder Al. I did not play because I was the hero of the nite before and now we are back in Chi. to play the Marooners. 1 thing about a morning game is that Chris Widget got to catch in stead of gather splinters in his rear end which Al is his speciality. I ast Widget how he gets through those long nites on the bench he says he carries an Eye Pod which has the works of Proost as read in French by Gérard Dippitydoo. Proost I said is that like the Dovinchi Coad. Something like that said Chris only it is streaming consciousness right into my ears. Well we all have our ways of coaping Al I like the crosswords and Neil Cots buys a difrent lotery ticket each state we are in this week he bought 75 of these little Ohio tickets that say It's a Hit but it was a no-hitter Al.


Blogger EasyW said...

I nearly peed my pants reading that.

Keep up the great work!

3:30 PM  
Blogger UCBert said...

Thanks for righting, you put me in the mind of that vein of typists (Harris, Lardner, Ritter) that rolls day and night right along the side where you plays on days when it doesn't wet.

Not to mention the sweetness of what is come to be known as the National Past Time.

And thanks to easyw if he is listening for being there. Those of us in H.Pee think you're smart for a younger feller

2:29 PM  

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