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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Were on Top Al

Al were do the days get to it has been 2 weeks sins I have blogd well for 1 thing the Sox have been motoring into 1st place a top the Amercan League and I have been pretty busy. Not pitching purr say Al as Ozzie Guillen has kept me mostly in reserve but when a club is as focused as us Sox there are a lot of things I have to do like get coffee for German Die and Potsetting which some say is a PEZ Al but I make it half decaf and half French Rowst. I always pick up a New Yorker for Chris Widget who reads the lads stories after lights out in the team hotel and lately I have had to make sure that Jim Tumis fetish objects are laid out around his bed every nite its not what you are thinking Al for Tumi is not the type to be into leather or whips but he has small carved images of wilderness beasts like the elk and the mighty grisly bear with Tim Salmon in its mouth and these he has me place at the Cardinal directions of the compice while he sleeps. It must work Al because last nite Tumi hit another home run off of Yoohoo Santana which is next 2 impossible hitting a homer of Santana is like Rob Snider winning a Oscar.


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