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Friday, March 03, 2006

I am Worn Out Al

Al let me tell you this blogging every day is not going to be easy. Right now I feel like a old Reebuck Al mostly wored out. Ozzie Guillen is a maniac he has us running every day and even though it could be hotter in Twos On it has been dry as a salt lick and the boys have been pounding the Gater Aid. I asked Ozzie Guillen why I had to run so much I do not pitch with my feet and butt I told him but he said Keefe I am expanding your roll this year. With Rowland Office gone we lack some speed and Potsetting cannot steal all the bases. You are my new pinch running demon Keefe you will be the
Herbert T. Washington who will put runs on the bored and my name in the Sun Times. I ast why Jim Tumi couldn't steel a few bases for the umpteen million they pays him and Ozzie Guillen said Tumi will steal as well he must learn Lidle Ball like all the Sox and if he misses a sign its the Charlotte Nights for him but permit me to doubt that Al.


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