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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Go to the White house

Well Al I bet you thout you would never see this day your pal Jack Keefe at the White house shacking hands with W. Bush and Dick Chainy. But it is true they invited the Sox to Wash DC and we were as excited as a bunch of schoolgirls getting a tour of the barracks Mrs Bush made sure we each got a slice of her straw berry cake and on the way out each Sox got a goody bag mine had a tin shareif star and little Gucci got a ninja Mask. We was standing around drinking some punch it is good punch at the White house Al they take a leader of Sprite and float a brick of rainbow sherbert in it no rum says Mrs Bush she does not want W. to go off the waggon and in vade somebody she is such a kidder so anyways I was slurping my punch in a punch cup real glass and I saw a nice looking girl in a purple suit African American but you know me Al I am not prejudist. I ast her name and she said she was a secretary name of Rice so I ast if she was related to Jim Rice but she lookt at me like I was something that fell out the litter Box. I would not want to live in the White house Al people tramp through all day and Mrs. Bush said it is hard to keep the carputs clean only yesterday Dick Chainy came back from hunting and got blood all over the East room floor mostly duck blood though says Mrs Bush knock Wood.


Blogger Tybor said...

Trubba not, Mr Keefe

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