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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Keefe in Ireland

Well Al I am in Ireland now and tomorrow I start for the Green against Slobakia in a game that will determine the fate of two lands. It is a long flite from Twos On arzona to Shannon Ireland you bet and to while away the time I brought a book Al Ozzie Guillen was surprised and askt me if the book had pictures I said ha ha anyway books with pictures are now the rage they call them graphite novels. But the book I brought had no pictures just words and small print at that it is called A Million Little Pieces and it is what they are all reading in Chi. because of Opera. It is a sad book Al the author is a Alcoholic and a Drug Addict and a Criminal and he spent his youth puking in between Dental Surgery. I liket the book a lot this Fry character writes like me Al he knows where to put his Capitol Letters. But the girl sitting next to me on the plane said sure tis all a pack of Lice this Fry had to go on Opera and con fess he never toucht stronger drink than a Birch Beer Al and as for criminal the worst one can say of him is that he can never park his car in Benton Harbor again. The girls name is Shevaughn Al and she said she would come to see me bowl against Slobakia but I said no honey bowling is in a Brunswick Lane where you rent shoes from the man who sprays them with Fungo Cide what I do is pitch but Shevaughn said pitch is a field and I said no field is what the short stop does shes cute Al.


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