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Friday, February 24, 2006

Ireland is No More Al

Well Al I bet you have heard by now Ireland will not be making the finals of the Spring World Serious despite the efforts of one J. Keefe it was as bad as it looked Al 3 Innings against Slovackia and they had to use the cry mercy rule. The Irish team is a great bunch of lads Al they said that baseball was great crack and I said do not say crack or Bud Selugh will ban you. The said they were just out for the Ga Cheese of it and they usually were hurlers and that you can hit a ball further with a hurling stick but when 1 of them Davey Farrell from Ant Rim tried to go up to the plate with his hurley Al the ump threw him out. We did OK loosing 17-2 but we had no Big Leaguers save me Keefe and Rafel Palmero who said that Fidelio Castro would not let him play for Cuba and no 1 else wanted him so he played under the name Rafe O'Palmer and hit 1 home run I said that's the way to pound the Bee Twelve O'Palmer but he did not laugh.


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