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Monday, March 06, 2006

My Team Eights Al

Al I said I would pre-per-view the Sox season and so I will I am getting to it Al. We have a great bunch of kids some new some old and some older still like Jim Tumi who is forty six if he is a day. Let me give you our Sox lineup Al at first Paul Conoco at second little Gucci at third Joe Creed short stop Won Your eBay catcher A.J. Pierogi outfield at the moment is Potsetting German Die Brady Anderson and some others like Joe Birchwood who I was in the miners with Al he looks like som 1 fed him brockly for break fast. The pitchers on this club are Burly Contraries Fredy Garcia Jon Garland Brendan McCarthy Dustin Hoffman Cots Polite Bobby Jinks Jack Keefe and some new character whose name I forget Vasquero or Vazilene or some thing. Jim Tumi who I mentioned is our Desecrated Hitter and Chris Widget our extra catcher and we also have a youth named Raw Skload whom all the stat heads drool 4 they say Skload is an other He's Bok Choy or Erubio Durazor some 1 that is that cannot get a fair shot though he hits four hundred Al only Skload is the kind of fellow who hits four hundred on paper or in Straddle Matic not in Sox Park.


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