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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Instead of Stereos

Al yester day we played a day game and lost to Cleve. which is to be ex pected we are still tooning up Fredy Garcia decided to throw a little batting practice I said to Ozzie Guillen Skip when you get tired of Garcias antics I am ready for the Rowtation and Ozzie Guillen said he would take it under advisement what ever that means. Anyway our hero was Tumi who hit another Home Run he will be the homer champ for sure. I ast Tumi why he does not take stereos because if he can hit so many without he could hit 74 with and be on a box of Weedies. Tumi said Keefe I would never soil my skin with the trace of a needle. To hit home runs I visualize the trajectory of the baseball. Baseballs follow an arc through spacetime and I merely help them find their destiny. I could not folow his argument but that is why he makes 14 milion Dollars and I make the minimium.


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This was awesome! Thank you.

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