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Thursday, April 06, 2006

We Lose Again Al. Our Rituels.

Well Al as you see in the papers we lost again yester day to Cleve. which means we will only beat them by about 158 games this year instead of 160 so what. Now Al a ?? I get askt a lot is how do you big leegers deal with losing so much even your 1927 Yankees must of lost about 40 games. Well this is true Al you cannot always cry in your beer and there is not always a girl named Jennifer around whose shoulder you can cry on either though 1 nite in Toronno last year but I must not kiss and Tell Al. Well to get us past the losses we each have our rituels I like to do a cross word puzzle from the Trib though sometimes they use funny spellings Al. Little Gucci preparse a green tea ceramony if we lose and a black tea ceremony if we win. German Die sings "Chicago Chicago that Toddlin town" loud enouf to wake the Dead if we lose and he sings "On the South Side of Chicago" if we win he has a nice Barry Tone. Yesterday I learnt Jim Tumi's ritual after a loss which is he stares into space and you can flick a towel at the back of his neck he does not move. Ozzie Guillen says laugh if you lose tomrrows an other day. But A.J. Pierogi smashes his bat into his lockher it has cost the club a few replacement doors you bet Al.


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