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I pitch for the Chi. White Sox and in the winters I go back to Terre Haute which is wear I am from.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Get in a Game Al

Al guess what we beat Cleve. last night and Ozzie Guillen put me in the game I have been in cold steerage till now. I do not know why I got the call perhaps they are show casing me for my trade to the Yankees for such names as Shuffled and Mats Who He that have been noised. Any way it was the 7th and I was playing soft toss in the bull pen with Man Soo Lee he is our Asian American catcher there when I heard a big shout and it seems Hugh Hefner of Cleve. had hit a grand slam off of Brenda McCarthy the kid was devistated. So the bull pen phone starts to ring off the hook and Ozzie Guillen asks Art Kusnyer Art he asks who have you got up and Art says no one and I say Art what am I chopped liver so Art says there's always Keefe and then he holds the phone away from his ear as if some 1 was hollering. So what happens but I enter the game and quickly two guys make out and there must have been an out already cause I was back in the dug out and A. J. Pierogi was mussing my hair. So as I say Al we got the win and I am credited with a Hold and a Saved Save.


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