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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Our Beauty Tips

Al 1 question we are often asked is how do ball players manage to look so good. It is a sweaty profession but unless its August in Florda we all look freshly manucured and even in Tamp A Bay they have air conditiening Al. Well many are the secrets of male beauty and here are some. The first thing is the beard. Al I have no beard I am clean shriven. But many ball players have a cute tuft on the chin or maybe side burns or they might have a Seoul Patch. 1 Thing the fans do not remember is that not every big leaguer is as old as Jolio Franco. Some of these kids have just quit high school and not even been to a college like Corn Hell or Ivy Tech Kokomo. Take Brenda McCarthy on our club he can not even grow wiskers. So many is the lad who grows a goadee and then to balance their head in back they grow a Mullet Al. Next thing that all hitters must do is stick stickies under their eyes in dark colors to propel the sun away from their eyes some of the vetrans use lamp Black but now there are stickies you can press apply and they say Nikey or some such. Last thing is an Ear Ring which I do not wear Al I once went to Cathys Pursing Hut at the Honey Creek Mall and ast for the Twofer One Ear Lob Special but the girl took out her pursing gun and I fainted dead away and had to be revived with a extra large helping of Dipping Dots what a day that was.


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