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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I am Bloging Again

Well Al this is your old pal Jack Keefe and as you know I have not blogged in donkeys years and not only as I said at the time it is hard to pitch in the Major Leagues and blog every day but also I have been a little deepressed because we White Sox have not won a World Serious since Two Thousand and Ought Five but as Ozzie Guillen always says Las penas con pan son menos which he says means eat a plate of spagetti and forget about it and this is my motto from now on.

Now Al as you have heard unless you live under a Rock they are all up set about Roger Clemens and has he used Human Growth Hormone and also his wife who wanted to fill out her top for the Swim Suit Issue now if you ask me less is more in some locations but there is no Accounting for Tased. Now here is the question did Roger really use Human Growth Hormoan and if you ask me Al he has not grown a bit since he was a Rookie and as pitchers go his Size is in the Mid Range I asked Bobby Jinks who is quite a bit more Ampoule than Roger if he used Human Growth and Bobby said Jacko I got to be this size by applying the Baconator so you see Al just looking at a guy you can not tell if he In Jests.


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