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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hunter Pez is Hurt

Well Al I guess you have heard the big news of the week in Spring Traneing which happened over in Fla. Hunter Pez of the Houston club got hurt did I put that HDML in rite Al. Pez says silly him in the middle of the nite he and a pal got up to take a Ja Cousy and his buddy left a door of invisible Glass shut and Pez was so X cited about his bath he went running full Tilt into the door and suffert Full Frontal Pain in the Glass. Al now you may say Pez was half seas over but I have knowed him since he was a track star at the University of Texas at Anywhere and the lad takes nothing but a nitely Root Beer. People will scoof Al but Ball Players do things strenuously and are at Risk just this week here in Twos On Bobby Jinks put too much Wasabby on his Arizona Roll and burnt his Soft Palette whilst German Die tried to lift up the back end of the team Bus and hurniated a Disk and A.J. Pierogi drank sixteen dry Manhattans and bonked his head on a Urinal at Slippery Sams Saloon though I guess you could say the latter was AJ's own Fault.


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