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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hilary or Barack Al

Well Al what every 1 is now dying to know is whether I Jack Keefe support Hilary Clinton or Barack Obrella. Well as you know Al I am registered to vote in Texas where I half a Pedo Tair from my days when I played for the Boise Idahoes in the Deaf Smith League so yester day I drove back to Texas from Two's On and I voted for Hilary in the a.m. and then for Barack at nite. They have it set up in Texas where you can vote twice or more times last nite at the Mothers of Invention Elementary School in Boise they ran out of sign in sheets at the caucus sowe had to use coloring book pages and I got a little carried away and wrote in the whole starting line up of the '05 Sox and I had Conoco and Little Gucci for Barack and German Die and Chris Widget voting for Hilary and Carl Everett voting for William Jennings Bryan and this morning I read we had 230 per cent turn out in Deaf Smith and Mark Burly is chosed county delegate for Joe Biden.


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