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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

White Folks and Barack Al

Well Al now they are all up set because Barack Obrella has a minister who says God Dam America which is what I say most nites when I watch the Evening News and I see Mr Bush hugging the Easter Bunny whilst another four boys are blown up in Eye Rack. Now Al I will explain what white Folks want from Obrella which is easy four me to do because I am a typical White Person Al at least so says Mr Williams and Ozzie Guillen just the other day Ozzie Guillen said to me Keefe you are as white as bleached coconut milk. What white Folks want from Mr Obrella is this he should be a black Person but he should not know any other black People. So lets say Mr Farrah Caan says he knows Obrella then Obrella must say I know no Farrah Caan I denounce and rebuke him. And then Rev Wright says he has known Obrella since he was a pup and Mr Obrella must say I know Thee Knot. It is like Mr Ernie Banks once told me about his days in Chi. before I was borned he said to me once Keefe it was like this I could be on the Cubs and I could have a Roommate of Color like Gene Baker but they did not like to see us Frater Noise with other Ball Players of color or we would not longer be popular in Chi. or with any white fans. It is sad to say that Al but you see what typical white Persons are like now my self I do not care if a Ball Player is white or black or brown or yellow though I draw the line at Teal but some folks are not like this when we won the World Serious in '05 there were some Sox who shall be nameless but if they came into the Club House and German Die was standing next to Carl Everett they would reach for their phones and dial halfway to Nine One One before they remembered these guys were our Team Mates Al.


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