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Thursday, September 17, 2009

T-Mac Has a Albom

Well Al they are all up set because T-Mac Carver has cut an Albom of song stylings what of it Al he can not be worst than William Shatner or Tiny Tim or Cher. In fact do not tell any 1 but this Fall an Albom by Yours Truly will appear on shelves it will be intitled Jack Keefe's Songs for Swinging Lovers and the Albom cover will be me throwing 1 past David Ortease for Strike Three get it Swinging Lovers Al its a Pun. Well I know you are Dyeing to hear the table of Contents so here goes but keep it under your Hat Al. Side 1 is That Old Black Magic, You Really Got Me, Vaccinatin' Rhythm, Bongo Bongo Bongo I Dont Wanna Leave the Congo, The Lyons Leaps Tonite, Istanbul Not Constantinople, and My Son Calls Another Man Daddy. On the Flip Side you will hear A Hoarse with No Name, The Monster Mash, Nites in White Satin, Moonlight in Vermont, Smoak Gets In Your Eyes, When You Find a Man with True Grit, and Shiloh When I Was Young. Plus a bonus If I Were A Carpenter and You Were a Lady which I recoarded as a Duvet with A. J. Pierogi. If this Albom sells OK Al they are going to bring me back for A Jack Keefe Christmas which any red blooded Boy would be happy to find in his Stocking with tracks like Bring a Torch Here Dustin Pedroia and The Holly and Mike Ivie.


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