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I pitch for the Chi. White Sox and in the winters I go back to Terre Haute which is wear I am from.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Opning Nite Soon Al

Dear Al you may wonder what is become of me why do I not blog well it is a hard thing some times and here is why. In the middle of March I was opning a Frosty Root Beer and my middle finger on my right hand that is the hand I pitch with Al it slipt on the cap and got hypo Extended. I had to have a middle finger Cast for the passed two weeks and every 1 on the team thought I was giving them the bird Al and Jim Tumi stared at me though I meant no disrespecked to him Al I could not help holding up the Finger. And I could not pitch Al and no more could I type this Blog. Well yester day the cassed came off and I am cleared to soft toss and soft Blog Chris Widget says on the Inter Net they expect you to blog every day or they will stop clicking on you I say tough nuts Al I will blog when I like now Opening Day is Sunday really Opening Night we play Cleaveland and I guess Burly will pitch Al he is not a 9 inning pitcher so look for yours truly Jack Keefe along about the 6th inn. in a Set Up Roll.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More Spring Serious Games Today

Well Al little did I get from the spring World Serious my Ireland lost to Slophockia and then Slophackia lost to Crowateya and I forget what they did now it seems the tournament is to start in Ernest and today we find the USA playing Mexico and the Dominatrix Republic plays Vennasylvania. I like South Africa in the pool we are getting together only Ozzie Guillen says I must not say pool I must say friendly prediction contest for home entertainment purposes only. It is kind of desrted around Arzona with all the stars away at the World Serious. We Sox are hard hit Al Fredy Garcia is playing for Vennasylvania and Javier Vaziline is playing for Porto Rico and Contraries would of played for Cuba but Fidelio Castro will not let him so Contraries said he would go to San One and let the air out of Castro's tires. I ast Jim Tumi how come he was not playing for the USA and he said they only want young healthy guys like Ken Griffey Junior. He is a funny kind of a guy Al I am not sure he will fit in here yesterday I saw Tumi in the can teen trying to bend a spoon with brain waives and he said if you think you can hit the pill Jack then you can hit the pill Jack and I got some mac cheese and sat at an other Table.

Monday, March 06, 2006

My Team Eights Al

Al I said I would pre-per-view the Sox season and so I will I am getting to it Al. We have a great bunch of kids some new some old and some older still like Jim Tumi who is forty six if he is a day. Let me give you our Sox lineup Al at first Paul Conoco at second little Gucci at third Joe Creed short stop Won Your eBay catcher A.J. Pierogi outfield at the moment is Potsetting German Die Brady Anderson and some others like Joe Birchwood who I was in the miners with Al he looks like som 1 fed him brockly for break fast. The pitchers on this club are Burly Contraries Fredy Garcia Jon Garland Brendan McCarthy Dustin Hoffman Cots Polite Bobby Jinks Jack Keefe and some new character whose name I forget Vasquero or Vazilene or some thing. Jim Tumi who I mentioned is our Desecrated Hitter and Chris Widget our extra catcher and we also have a youth named Raw Skload whom all the stat heads drool 4 they say Skload is an other He's Bok Choy or Erubio Durazor some 1 that is that cannot get a fair shot though he hits four hundred Al only Skload is the kind of fellow who hits four hundred on paper or in Straddle Matic not in Sox Park.

Friday, March 03, 2006

I am Worn Out Al

Al let me tell you this blogging every day is not going to be easy. Right now I feel like a old Reebuck Al mostly wored out. Ozzie Guillen is a maniac he has us running every day and even though it could be hotter in Twos On it has been dry as a salt lick and the boys have been pounding the Gater Aid. I asked Ozzie Guillen why I had to run so much I do not pitch with my feet and butt I told him but he said Keefe I am expanding your roll this year. With Rowland Office gone we lack some speed and Potsetting cannot steal all the bases. You are my new pinch running demon Keefe you will be the
Herbert T. Washington who will put runs on the bored and my name in the Sun Times. I ast why Jim Tumi couldn't steel a few bases for the umpteen million they pays him and Ozzie Guillen said Tumi will steal as well he must learn Lidle Ball like all the Sox and if he misses a sign its the Charlotte Nights for him but permit me to doubt that Al.